?Who's Is JoethePoet
On January 17, 1989 Joseph Leiva was born in Lincoln Hospital, in the south bronx section of New York. He grew up in one of the toughest neighborhoods in the bronx, on 183rd and Webster ave. Being surrounded by drug dealers, drug abusers, gang members, and street violence made Joseph maintain focus on the task he had ahead no matter the environment that was around him.  Not having the best relationship with his parents growing up, Joseph often found himself learning the hard way about life. Nonetheless through self perseverance, Joseph continued to guide himself into the right path.

Entering Grace Dodge Vocational High School, my favorite class ironically was English, only because my teacher, Ms. Welch, helped me channel my anger that I grew up with into writing. She had me write my emotions into an essay and soon enough I started getting into poetry. I would then challenge myself to covert my essays into a poem. It was another way to get my thoughts across in another form. Soon enough I went through another phase and started creating rap lyrics through the poems I had written in my notebooks.

I used to call myself S.T.A.R which was an acronym for Stand Tall And Retaliate, in my beginning years as a rap artist. By 2015, I was mentally ready to perfrom and I decided to rebrand myself all over again, by changing my stage name to JoethePoet. New beginnings, new stage name, new mindset, and a better understanding on what I needed to do for this journey to be successful. I didn't look back and regret making the decision to pursuit music. Music is life. Music is everything. Music is my outlet and I vow to spread my stories to reach others who have had the same experiences I did, but needed a voice to help them get through it. In 2017, I officially started my own company named Cide House Records, LLC and since than I’ve released 2 studio albums under the label with many more material to come.